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Debate Video Clips

Mastering Chinese Through Global Debate (MCTGD) takes the learner though a series of steps related to debate and its form, presenting in order: 1) a Journalistic piece seeking to show balance in treating a topic 2) a position paper to demonstrate how to assume a particular position in an argument and 3) a sample mock debate to show debate and argument form.

This section of the website constitutes a final step in the progression toward understanding the form by highlight authentic debates related to each unit’s topic. These debate–––found at various websites–––also show the cultural context of debates and the rhetorical style and demonstrate non-verbal language elements of the debate genre. The various samples represent a wide variety of topics that might be linked to each unit in MCTGD to enrich the discussion. Note the topic key words for each.

Topics:  环境保护  Suggested unit number: 1

Topics:民主化   Suggested Unit number: 2

Topics: How to best help human development. Suggested unit number: 3

Topics: Does experience helps or hurts social development. Suggested unit number: 4

Topics: Terrorism   Suggested unit number: 5

Topics: Education vs. Ability Suggested unit Number: 6

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For more debates check out the following sites:

A Youtube video list a TV show (时事辩论会) that only does debates.

A youku video list of debates

CCTV’s recording of the 2011国际大学群英辩论会